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French parliamentary elections: once more, nothing is happening as foreseen

Emmanuel Macron (left) with his République en Marche! movement's general secretary Richard Ferrand. Emmanuel Macron (left) with his République en Marche! movement's general secretary Richard Ferrand.

The result of France’s parliamentary elections in June appears as uncertain as, just weeks ago, did that of the presidential elections. President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s fledgling République en Marche! movement has unveiled 428 candidates it will field, comprised mostly of political rookies and unknowns. Meanwhile, the old traditional parties, apprehensive after their presidential election defeat, place their hopes in the electorate backing off from the political unknown of the newly-elected maverick president. Mediapart’s political commentator Hubert Huertas examines why, in these crucial elections, once again nothing is happening as was foreseen.

Macron movement unveils candidates for parliament seats

The newly renamed La République En Marche (Republic on the Move) movement of French president-elect Emmanuel Macron has revealed a list of 428 candidates it will field in parliamentary elections next month, with a precise parity of men and women, a majority of individuals from civil society and an age gap ranging from 24 to 72, while it has yet to find another 149 in order to fight every constituency.

French parties face battle for survival in June parliamentary elections


France goes back to the polls next month for crucial legislative elections to decide the composition of the 577-seat lower house, the National Assembly. President-elect Emmanuel Macron’s newly-created maverick centrist movement is hoping to win a majority and, in the process, smash the power of traditional parties of the Left and Right and halt the surge of the far-right. Whatever the outcome of this most uncertain battle for survival, the configuration of the French political scene will emerge profoundly altered, argues political scientist Fabien Escalona.

Le Pen niece and MP quits active role with the Front National

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, 27, the hardline niece of far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen and one of the party's two MPs, said she has decided for 'personal and political reasons' to quit active politics in a decision her grandfather Jean-Marie Le Pen described as a 'desertion'.

Former French socialist PM Valls bids to be MP for Macron

France's former socialist prime minister Manuel Valls has announced he is seeking nomination to stand as a parliamentary election candidate for the movement created by centrist president-elect Emmanuel Macron, with whom he had a strained relationship when Macron served as his economy minister.