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French centre-right senators swap camp for Macron

Nine senators from the UDI-UC centre-right parliamentary group signed a joint opinion article in French weekly Le JDD announcing they will support maverick centrist presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron rather than conservative François Fillon who is mired in a scandal of alleged fraud and misuse of parliamentary funds.

Fillon runs egg-throwing gauntlet as Macron increases lead

An opinion survey this weekend confirmed centrist French presidential election candidate Emmanuel Macron as frontrunner in both rounds of the voting, while scandal-hit conservative candidate François Fillon, hanging on in third position despite a fall in poll ratings, was met by roudy protestors during a campaign visit to south-west France.  

French socialists head closer to implosion as more jump ship for Macron

July 2015: (left to right) President François Hollande, defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, then-economy minister Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Manuel Valls at the Elysée Palace. © Reuters. July 2015: (left to right) President François Hollande, defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, then-economy minister Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Manuel Valls at the Elysée Palace. © Reuters.

The French Socialist Party is closer than ever to implosion following the announcement by one of its veteran stalwarts, defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, that he was backing maverick centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, a former economy minister and advisor to President François Hollande, instead of the party’s nominee Benoît Hamon. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.   

Key socialist minister backs centrist French presidential candidate

Maverick centrist Emmanuel Macron received a significant boost to his presidential election campaign when defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, a veteran Socialist Party figure, announced his support for Macron's candidature in an interview published Friday. 

Hollande slams Fillon claims he runs secret cell

Scandal-hit conservative presidential candidate François Fillon, mired in graft scandals and under investigation for fraud and misusing public funds, claimed that his predicament was the work of a secret plot by socialist president François Hollande, who has firmly dismissed the 'untruthful allegations'.

Le Pen holds talks with Putin in Moscow

The French far-right leader and presidential candidate Marine Le Pen met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, when she also spoke to Russia's lower house, the Duma, when she called for international sanctions against the country to be lifted.

Poll finds centrist Macron reinforces lead over Le Pen

Latest opinion survey shows Emmanuel Macron, the maverick centrist candidate in France's presidential election race, with a lead over far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen in the first-round vote and confirms a commanding win against her in the knockout second round.

Kremlin says report of Fillon fee for Putin meeting is 'fake news'

A Kremlin spokesman said revelations that French conservative presidential candidate François Fillon received, via his consultency firm, 50,000 dollars to introduce a Lebanese pipeline construction tycoon to Russian President Vladimir Putin 'is what in English we call fake news'.

Graft probe widens into French presidential candidate Fillon

The judicial investigation into suspected misappropriation of public funds by conservative presidential candidate François Fillon has been widened to include suspected forgery, while new press revelations allege he was paid 50,000 dollars in 2015 to introduce a Lebanese businessman to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Macron leads polls after French presidential candidates' debate

Opinion surveys immediately after a marathon TV debate on Monday between the top five candidates campaigning for the French presidency found the most convincing participant was centrist Emmanuel Macron, who on Tuesday was boosted by support from both a junior minister in the socialist government and also an advisor to President François Hollande.

Socialist presidential candidate Hamon kickstarts his campaign

Socialist presidential candidate Benoît Hamon, trailing centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right leader Marine Le Pen in opinion surveys of voting intentions, held a major rally in Paris in which he described rightwing rivals as being candidates of 'the money party'. 

Leading French presidential candidates in key TV debate

The leading five candidates, out of a total of 11, take part in the first televised debate between them on Monday evening, regarded by observers as a key contest to win over what opinion polls show to be a large number of the elctorate who have yet to decide with who they will place their vote.

How Manuel Valls ended up in a blind alley

Manuel Valls (left) congratulates Benoît Hamon after the latter's victory in the January socialist primaries. Manuel Valls (left) congratulates Benoît Hamon after the latter's victory in the January socialist primaries.

Former prime minister Manuel Valls, who resigned last December to run in the Socialist Party’s primary to choose its presidential candidate, has controversially refused to support the election campaign his leftist rival who won the contest, Benoît Hamon. But he has also refrained from backing maverick centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron, whose ideas are closer to his own. Mediapart political commentator Hubert Huertas argues here why Valls, whose ambition was to transform the French Socialist Party into something resembling the New Labour of Tony Blair, has ended up in a political dead end and left behind him a party in tatters.

The final list of the 11 candidates running for the French presidency

The final list of candidates qualified to stand in the French presidential elections that begin next month was announced by France's Consitutional Council on Saturday, made up of nine men and two women representing the full political spectrum.  

Ex-French PM Valls refuses to back his party's presidential candidate

Former prime minister Manuel Valls has refused to publicly back Benoît Hamon, the French Socialist Party's presidential candidate who beat him in party primary elections earlier this year with a markedly a leftwing programme in contrast to that of Valls.