2022 French parliamentary elections

French legislative elections: live coverage of results and reactions


France went to the polls on Sunday for the first round of legislative elections to elect the 577 members of the next parliament. The vote is crucial for the recently re-elected president Emmanuel Macron, who needs to retain a majority to push through his planned reforms of pensions and the welfare system. In the event, Macron’s centre-right coalition ended neck-and-neck with the newly formed NUPES alliance of the broad Left, which now represents France’s principal opposition, and all is now to play out in the second round next weekend. Follow our live coverage of the first-round results and reactions as they came in through the evening. Reporting by Graham Tearse and Michael Streeter.

The vital opportunity of a united French Left

France — Opinion

Following a divided, and for some, catastrophic, showing in the presidential elections in April, the principal parties that make up the French Left have this week agreed an electoral alliance ahead of parliamentary elections to be held in June. In this opinion article, Mediapart's publishing editor Edwy Plenel hails the pact as a vital opportunity, as welcome as it was unexpected, to counterbalance the enormous political power of the re-elected president.

French legislative elections: socialists join broad-Left alliance

France — Link

The French Socialist Party has agreed in principle, ahead of a final decision by its national committee, to engage in June's parliamentary elections as part of a leftwing alliance led by the radical-left LFI party and which also includes the Greens and communists.