70th anniversary

Trump slams 'very, very nasty' Macron comments on Nato

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At a press conference in London ahead of a summit to mark Nato's 70th anniversary, US President Donlad Trump said comments earlier this month by his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron who said the military alliance was 'brain dead' were 'very, very nasty' and 'disrespectful', adding a jibe that France was 'not doing well economically at all'.

The 70th anniversary of a troubled liberation of Paris

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The August 25 1944 liberation from German occupation saw joy but also bloody revenge, to a backdrop of humiliation and collaboration.

Uproar in French D-Day village snubbed by Prince of Wales

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The inhabitants of Merville, where British paras fell storming a key German gun battery, had long prepared for Prince's 70th anniversary visit.