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Chechen clashes in Dijon: the anger of local people who felt 'abandoned' by the police

By Nejma Brahim

The normally quiet city of Dijon in east France has recently hit the headlines following an outbreak of extraordinary violence as members of France's Chechen community clashed with residents from local estates. People living in the affected areas have been stunned by the level of violence. Many also say they were abandoned by the police and the authorities and left feeling “worthless”. Nejma Brahim reports.

French police arrest six Chechens over violent clashes in Dijon

The city in east France has been  rocked by clashes and vehicle burnings after an assault this month on a 16-year-old Chechen boy that prompted other members of the community to stage reprisal raids.

France vows to end violence in Dijon after fourth night of unrest

Reported score-settling by members of the Chechen community appear to have been sparked by an alleged assault this month on a 16-year-old Chechen boy in the city in eastern France.

Violent clashes between ethnic groups in Burgundy town

The French town of Dijon has been the scene of four days of hightening violence between groups of Chechen and North African origin, apparently sparked by an attack on a youth by drug dealers.