French regional elections 2021

What France's local elections say about 2022 presidential crunch

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The regional elections in France that ended on Sunday with defeat for the far-right and President Emmanuel Macron's ruling LREM party throw doubt on predictions that the 2022 presidential elections will see the two facing off in a second-round repeat of 2017.

Le Pen’s far-right party suffers blow in French regional elections

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Rassemblement National fails to win region in south of France stronghold after rivals form ‘Republican front’; all French regions are won by incumbents from mainstream Right and Left.; turnout was again very low. 

French regional elections 2021: far right flops, Right does well and Left hangs on amid voter apathy

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The first round of France's regional and département or county elections took place on Sunday June 20th and one of the major stories of the day was the record level of abstention, with nearly two out of three voters staying home. A year before the presidential election another key outcome was the poor showing of the far-right Rassemblement National (RN), led by Marine Le Pen, which despite doing well in opinion polls only came top in one region. Elsewhere the biggest winners of the night were the conservative Right, while the vote for the Left and the Greens held up better than many had predicted.  Perhaps the biggest loser of the night was Emmanuel Macron's ruling La République en Marche party which failed even to come second in any region. The second and final round of voting takes place on Sunday June 27th. Mathilde Goanec, Ellen Salvi, Lucie Delaporte, Ilyes Ramdani and Pauline Graulle report. .

French far-right leader Le Pen eyes wins in conservative regions

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Marine Le Pen, leader of the French far-right Rassemblement National party, the former Front National, has high hopes of making gains in conservative-held regions in elections this month, notably in the south-east Provence region.