Global security bill

Tens of thousands protest against new French security bill

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Demonstrators, including gilet jaunes or 'yellow vest' activists, also protested against Covid restrictions. 

Nationwide protests in France against security bill and police violence

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Official estimates reported a nationwide turnout of more than 130,000 people, including 46,000 in Paris, in demonstrations against draft legislation to introduce heightened security powers, including restricting the dissemniation of images of on-duty police officers, and in protest over police violence after shocking events this past week involving assaults by officers.

Why it is our turn to warn that democracy dies in darkness

France — Opinion

Draft legislation which includes handing increased powers to police and expanding the remit of surveillance operations is now being debated in the French parliament following its first passage through the lower house on Friday. One of the articles of the “Global security” bill will severely restrict the taking and dissemination of images of on-duty police officers. Mediapart staff joined journalists’ unions and rights groups on Saturday in a demonstration in Paris against the bill. Mediapart’s publishing editor Edwy Plenel argues here that what is at stake in the proposed legislation is of exceptional gravity. If it is adopted, he writes, “the lights of democratic vigilance over actions of the state will be extinguished”.

Protests across France against new law censoring images of police

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Thousands of demonstrators including journalists and representatives of rights groups held protests in Paris and cities nationwide on Saturday against a 'global security' bill currently before parliament which proposes censoring the publication of police officers' faces, an increase in police powers and an expansion of surveillance operations.