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France passes law sanctioning specious anti-abortion websites

The French parliament on Thursday approved legislation that allows prison terms and fines to be handed against those involved in creating anti-abortion websites that imitate official information sites to dissuade women from terminating their pregnancy.

French MPs vote to ban abortion websites that intimidate women

French government seeks to criminalise sites that pose as neutral sources of information but in fact promote anti-abortion propaganda.

France's Francois Fillon under fire over women's rights

His rival in Right's presidential primary, Alain Juppé, has urged Fillon to 'clarify his position' on abortion ahead of Sunday's decisive poll.

The obscure allies of France's anti-gay marriage movement

Anti-gay marriage demonstrators on the streets of Paris, Sunday October 16th. © Nicolas Serve Anti-gay marriage demonstrators on the streets of Paris, Sunday October 16th. © Nicolas Serve

The movement that led opposition to France’s law allowing for same-sex marriages, which was introduced in May 2013, called its supporters back on the streets of Paris on Sunday, in a test of its strength to influence conservative candidates in next year’s presidential and parliamentary elections. While calling for a repeal of the law, it more realistically also targets, among other issues, adoption rights for gay couples and their access to artificial reproduction methods and surrogate pregnancy. As Lucie Delaporte reports, the largely right-wing and Catholic movement called ‘La Manif Pour Tous’ is, a fact unknown to many in France, part of a broad alliance of similarly-minded campaigning groups across Europe, the United States and Russia.

French MPs back bill easing access to abortion

The proposed law will allow women to obtain an abortion at up to 12 weeks into a pregnacy, and removes requirement of being in distress.

Thousands protest in Paris against move to ease access to abortion

Anti-abortion protestors claimed 40,000 rallied against a bill of law that will remove a mother's 'situation of distress' as a condition for aborting.

France expands access to abortion

The French state will now reimburse 100 percent of the cost of abortions while teenage girls will be offered free and anonymous contraception.

French parliament votes for total refund of abortion ops

French parliament approves law for total refund of the cost for all abortions, and to provide free contraception to girls aged between 15 and 18 years.