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Paris City Hall moves to ban 'sugar daddy' website from luring students

Paris authorities have lodged a complaint that could lead to pimping charges over the agressive advertising outside university buildings by a website urging students to 'Go out with a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Mama' for 'romance, passion and no student loans'.

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France in denial over alcohol abuse, says health minister

Marisol Touraine says that wine and alcohol lobby in France is powerful and has 'got it into people’s heads that wine is good for the health'.

French parliament backs loosening of alcohol advertising ban

An amendment to the 1991 Evin Law which bans TV and cinema ads for alcohol, draws disticntion between advertising and 'information'.

France moves to ban sunbed adverts, access for children

MP and former skin cancer specialist Michèle Delaunay says tanning-induced melanoma is second-fastest-growing form of cancer among women.