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France donates €100 million to emergency UN fund for Afghanistan

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said half of the Afghan population was now at risk, including more than four million women and around 10 million children.

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France raises aid fund for farmers after harsh frost wipes out crops

France's aid fund for agricultural catastrophes is to be increased, Prime Minister Jean Casteix has announced, after continuing severe nationwide frosts that followed exceptionally mild weather have wiped out many crops in the bud, especially fruit and including vast amounts of grapes in winegrowing regions.

Aid for French carmakers 'conditional on bringing home activity'

French finance minister Bruno Le Maire on Monday said emergency government aid for the country's carmakers, an industry severely hit by the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, is conditional to them bringing certain manufacturing activity home to France from abroad.

France rules out coronavirus aid for tax-haven businesses

Finance minister Bruno Le Maire also says companies cannot pay dividends while receiving government money.

Paris offers 1 billion euros in aid to French Guiana

The plan, which follows protests across the French territory in South America, entails sending extra police forces, creating a tribunal and a jail.

British Calais-bound aid volunteers denied entry to France

A number of volunteers from Britain who were heading to the migrant camp in Calais to distribute aid packages of food, clothes and tents were turned back by French customs officers ahead of the imminent demolition of the so-called 'Jungle'.

France pledges 1 billion euros in aid to strife-torn Tunisia

French President François Hollande pledged five-year aid package when meeting with Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid in Paris.

Government pledges more aid for farmers after Paris tractor protest

Prime minister Manuel Valls promises up to €3 billion to help agriculture invest in modernizing production over next three years.

French government to unveil urgent measures to ease livestock farming crisis

The move due Wednesday follows mounting protests, including road blocks, by farmers decrying retailers' and food processors' profit margins.

France 'will have to pay US' for military aid in Africa

US defence officials say they will ask for cost of helping France fight insurgents in Sahel region of Africa to be 'reimbursed'.

French foreign minister arrives in Iraq

Laurent Fabius pledged French aid for displaced populations and met with Iraqi prime minister before flying to Irbil in the Kurdish region.

France to send aid for Iraqi Kurds

The move comes as President Hollande assured Kurdish authorities that France will stand by 'victims of continued exactions of the Islamic State'.

France to ask European partners for more help in C.Africa

Foreign minister Laurent Fabius to make formal appeal in Brussels for assistance as French forces try to pacify Central African Republic.

'It's my last shot': French mayor on hunger strike to save town from bankruptcy


In a desperate protest to save the public finances of his local administration, the mayor of Sevran, a town of 51,000 inhabitants situated just north-east of Paris, began a hunger strike this weekend outside the French parliament which he has vowed will only end when concrete reforms are made to ease the economic plight of France’s worst-off towns. In this interview with Renaud Ceccotti, he details his demands and explains how, after 11 years of battling with what he calls a "structural" financial shortfall, “we’ve reached the end.”

France funding Syrian rebel civic projects

Senior diplomat says France is providing funds to rebel-held parts of Syria to help restore water supplies, sanitation, health services and bakeries.