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Unions warn against 'divisive' Air France strategy after assault on executives

Le DRH d'Air France violemment pris à partie par les manifestants © Reuters Le DRH d'Air France violemment pris à partie par les manifestants © Reuters

The physical attacks upon two Air France executives on Monday by a small group of airline staff protesting a plan of job losses has been widely condemned by trade unions, management and government. The assaults, in which the Human Resources director and the long-haul flight manager had their clothing ripped off, dramatically underlined the high tensions within the struggling airline over its announcement it is to shed 2,900 jobs over the next two years. Mathilde Goanec and Dan Israel report.

Air France managers flee as staff storm meeting on job cuts

Human resources boss Xavier Broseta had shirt ripped off as angry airline workers protested over plans to cut 2,900 jobs over two years.

Air France to unveil drastic cost-cutting plan

Decision to announce cuts next week comes after breakdown in talks with pilots’ unions to trim €170 million annually over three years.

Air France crew spot more possible debris of lost Malaysian plane

The voluminous object was seen floating 70 kms from the French Indian Ocean island, where debris from vanished MH370 previously washed up.

Air France to axe flights, postpone fleet renewals, in cost-cutting drive

The debt-ridden carrier said it will cut some routes to Spain, Italy, Norway and Malaysia, and sought 'to postpone delivery of long-haul aircraft.'

Air France faces probe after jet flies near mountain

In early May Boeing 777 pilots diverted to avoid storm clouds but their route took their jetliner towards 13,000-foot Mount Cameroun.

French state to up its stake in Air France-KLM

The move, in a plan to keep key firms under French control, is for an extra 5.1 million shares at 46m euros, and follows similar move at Renault.

Air France Paris-Tunis flight turns back after emergency at 36,000 feet

The Airbus A319 landed safely at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport after reportedly developing 'technical' problems one hour into its flight.

Air France reveals new job-cuts plan

Union officials said the French carrier had informed them 800 jobs will be lost, affecting both ground staff and cabin crews, over three years.

Air France pilots accept low-cost development plans

After a lengthy strike earlier this year, pilots narrowly voted in favour of plans to develop the airline's low-cost operator Transavia.

Air France and pilots close to deal over low-cost unit Transavia

After a costly pilots' strike last month, initial agreement has been reached for crews flying Transavia planes to retain Air France benefits.

Air France denies two pilots were asleep on 2009 Rio-Paris crash flight

The airline said press reports that two of three pilots flying AF447 were asleep showed 'a major misunderstanding' of events in its cockpit.

Air France puts cost of pilots strike at €500m

Finance director says month-long dispute had an immediate impact of about 320-350m euros and will also hit future business.

Questions hang over Air France after pilots’ strike ends

Dispute could wipe out second quarter profits but some say that failure of striking pilots to win clear victory is good news for airline's future.

Air France pilots call off lengthy strike

Normal service will begin resuming Tuesday after the two-week strike over development plans for the airline's low-cost arm ended Sunday.