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Air France pilots continue strike as negotiations reach deadlock

Talkss between pilots and the airline were blocked Saturday after the latter, and the government, rejected calls for appointment of a mediator.

Air France pilots' strike runs on

The airline and pilots are still at loggerheads after an 11-day strike that the company says causes a daily operating loss of 20 million euros.

Air France contradicts minister's announcement it had dropped low-cost plans

The airline denied transport secretary's comments that it had dropped its plan to delocalise low-cost arm and which sparked pilots' strike.

Striking Air France pilots take to Paris streets

Hundreds of pilots gathered in full uniform in a protest outside French parliament as their strike continued into its second week.

Air France pilots strike deepens as both sides dig in

Pilots rejected a management proposition to delay development plan of its low-cost arm which they say is a move to delocalise employment.

Minister warns striking pilots future of Air France is 'at stake'

French transport minister Alain Vidalies was speaking as the pilots' strike, said to cost the airline 15M euros daily, enters its second week.

Air France pilots extend strike

The airline faces further crippling and costly strikes, which have already reduced flights by half, until Friday September 26th.

Air France pilots threaten to extend strike indefinitely

The airline and pilots' unions continued talks Thursday over the strike that began Monday and which was originally due to end September 22.

French PM demands Air France pilots end their strike

The strike, which began Monday and could last up to a week, has grounded more than a half of flights and cost the airline millions of euros.

Air France pilots' strike to hit flights harder Tuesday

The week-long strike began on Monday by halting about half of the French airline's flights, but is due to ground 60% of flights on Tuesday.

Air France braced for worst strike in 16 years

Up to half of airline's services set to be cancelled on Monday, the start of week-long action by pilots over plans to expand low-cost operations.

Air France to cut number of flights by half on Monday as pilots strike

Pilots due to begin a one-week strike over company plans to cut costs to recapture market share from budget airlines.

Air France pilots want opt out on flying to Ebola-hit countries

Unions say management has promised no action will be taken against pilots or cabin crew not wishing to fly to affected regions.

Air France pilots announce week-long strike in September

The September 15-22 strike is over reorganisation of the airline's routes which they say threatens jobs and is made without proper consultation.

Air France suspends flights to Sierra Leone over Ebola fears

The airline said it has temporarily halted its three weekly flights to Freetown at the request of the French government.