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Air France A340 flew with missing screws

An Air France Airbus A340 was halted in Boston in mid-November after about 30 screws were found to be missing from a protective panel.

Air France strike action Saturday 'to hit one-in-five flights'

Air France said a strike by cabin staff this weekend will hit about one in five flights, while French rail unions plan a strike for November 8th.

Angry pilots say Air France crash inquiry shields Airbus

French investigators accused of "protecting" Airbus after implicit criticism of the manufacturer was sliced from Air France Rio-Paris crash report.

2009 Air France Rio-Paris crash report released in English

The English translation of the latest report about the crash of Air France Flight 447 was released on Thursday, paints picture of a confused cockpit.

Air France Union Halts Help in Crash Inquiry

An angry Air France pilots' union has halted cooperation with the investigation into the causes of the crash of the airline's Rio-Paris flight in 2009.

Air France Rio-Paris crash report for Friday

French air accident investigation agency BEA will on Friday release "exact circumstances" of the 2009 crash of Air France flight in 2009.