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French air traffic controllers to strike

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Four-day strike over hours and conditions, called by the UNSA union, will lead to cancelled flights between Monday 6th and Friday March 10th.

French air traffic control strike leads to flights being cancelled

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Ryanair said it has scrapped 70 flights on Thursday and some easyJet flights are also affected by protest over labour law reforms.

New French air traffic control strike is the 43rd in seven years

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The latest walk-out, which began on Wednesday, is expected to last 36 hours and cause cancellations and delays across Europe.

French air traffic strike comes to an end

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The main union behind the strike against budget cuts said French government had now recognised the 'importance of investment in the sector'.

Daily cancellations announced as French air strike begins

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Ryanair has said 26 flights to and from France will be cancelled while easyJet say a quarter of their flights could be scrapped at start of dispute.

French rail strike to paralyse train services Thursday

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After a French air traffic controllers' strike caused two days of chaos in the skies, rail services will be hard hit by an unrelated strike Thursday.