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French air traffic controllers cause 'third of delays over Europe'

Report by French senate says strikes cost airlines €300 million a year and force some planes to skirt the country to shorten flight times.

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French air-traffic controllers' strike to disrupt European flights

France's civil aviation authority has warned of significant disruption to flights during a strike from Monday evening to Wednesday morning by French air-traffic controllers in support of demands for increased pay and staff numbers, part of a series of public sector strikes called for Tuesday.

Flights disrupted as French air traffic controllers strike

Hundreds of flights to France or which cross the country's airspace were cancelled due to the 14th strike by French air traffic controllers this year, called to protest labour law reforms made law in July.

Ryanair to cancel 102 flights as French air traffic controllers strike

Budget airline calls on European Commission to take action, claiming it is the 53rd French ATC strike in seven years.

Ryanair urges European Commission to stop French strikes

Airline says it has been forced to cancel 166 flights to, from and over France as French air traffic controllers go on strike again.

Flights cancelled as French air traffic controller strike bites

Marseille said to be worst affected but other airports hit include Toulouse, Bordeaux, Orly, Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle, Lyon and Nice.

French taxi, aviation strikes threaten travel chaos

Taxi drivers and air traffic controllers set to join a strike on Tuesday called by three unions representing France’s 5 million civil servants.

French air traffic controllers on strike Wednesday and Thursday

The strike, called by main controllers' union in protest over working conditions, is the first of three planned during April and early May.

Chaos expected as French air traffic controllers strike next week

French air traffic controllers' unions predict 'a large number of cancellations and major disruption' during the June 24th-29th strike.

France flights cancelled due to strike

French aviation authority says traffic into and out of Paris airports will down by 30 per cent due to 24-hour strike by French air traffic controllers.

French strike to hit flights on Thursday

Some low-cost airlines have scrapped up to 30% of their services as a result of one-day industrial action called by air traffic controllers in France.

French air traffic controllers begin three-day strike

The strike against EU plans to create single European airspace has caused cancellations of about 1,800 flights to and from France.