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French tourism association loses CJEU case against Airbnb

The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled that Airbnb was an online platform and not a property agent, thus rejecting a move by French tourism professionals to force the US online property rental firm to abide by the stiff regulations applied to the broader rental trade.

City of Paris to sue Airbnb over 'illegal' ads

Paris City Hall is to sue online short-term rental firm Airbnb for not ensuring that property owners using its platform abide by local regulations, notably that short-term rentals are limited to a total of 120 days per year.

French online property rentals 'blocking those with Arabic names'

An anti-discrimination association is preparing legal action against property owners advertising holiday homes online who a French radio investigation has found turned away potential renters with North African names for no reason other than their Arabic names, a practice described by one journalist as affecting 'tonnes of people each day'. 

France targets Airbnb in tax crackdown

Economy minister Bruno Le Maire said France and Germany would join forces to tackle what he called 'digital platforms' escaping taxes on their business activities in France, notably citing Airbnb as a target.

French rail giant cancels Airbnb partnership after hotels complain

SNCF scrapped deal with flat-sharing website after anger from hotel industry which says 'unfair competition' from site has hit profits.

The hidden social impact of US home-sharing site Airbnb on France

Paris, une chambre, dix couchages. © DR Paris, une chambre, dix couchages. © DR

In recent years the American-owned home and room-sharing site Airbnb has become immensely popular, providing an easy way for homeowners to rent rooms out to tourists. However, a study by three French academics shows the potential negative sides of the phenomenon in France; its abuse by slum landlords, an increase in rent prices and the risk of tax-dodging. Michaël Hajdenberg reports.

Paris City Hall clamps down on secondary residence holiday lets

City authorities believe up to two-thirds of holiday lets flout law that law allows short-period apartment rental only if it is a primary residence.