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France warns more strikes will meet any further use of chemical arms

French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Saturday that the air strikes by the US, France and Britain on Syrian targets overnight were 'proportionate and targeted' and warned that they would be repeated if the Damascus regime used chemical weapons in the future, but also insisted that France will pursue diplomatic channels to help reach an end to the Syrian civil war.

French government closely watching UK parliament vote on Syria airstrikes

As MPs debate joining attacks on Islamic State group in Syria, France regards a 'yes' vote as being of high military and diplomatic importance. 

Hollande says French strikes against ISIS in Syria 'necessary'

The French president said reconnaissance flights, launched as the refugee crisis in Europe peaked, show need for attacking Islamist group in Syria.

France weighs airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria

French President François Hollande announced Monday reconnaissance flights will begin over Syria ahead of a decision whether to bomb targets.