The Corsican village gripped by fear of spiralling vendettas

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The French Mediterranean island of Corsica, known as “the island of beauty” for its stunning scenery, coastlines and wildlife, is also known for its clans and underworld gangs, and a murder rate well above the average in mainland France. Hélène Constanty reports from the Corsican village of Cargèse, where a string of killings has raised fears of a spiralling blood feud, and where a local collective is standing up to organised crime.

Macron moves to release secret files on 1968 French airliner crash

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French President Emmanuel Macron has leant his support for the release of secret military files concerning the mysterious crash over the Meditarranean Sea in September 1968 of an Air France Caravelle plane as it descended for landing at Nice airport, and which victims' families have long suspected was the result of a missile fired by a French warship during a military exercise.

Corsican nationalists protest ahead of Macron's visit

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Protest organisers said up to 25,000 people attended the demonstration in the island's capital Ajaccio ahead of Tuesday's presidential visit. 

Hollande condemns attack on Muslim prayer hall in Corsica

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President's comments came after one of the largest prayer halls in French island's capital Ajaccio suffered major damage in a fire.

Anti-Arab violence in Corsica follows mounting hate campaign


Since last Friday, following an attack on firefighters and police by a group of youths on a housing estate in Ajaccio, the capital of the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, vigilante mobs chanting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim slogans have reigned terror on the neighbourhood, seeking out the perpetrators and ransacking a Muslim prayer room where they attempted to burn copies of the Koran. Despite an official ban on public demonstrations until January 4th in an effort to reduce the tensions, several hundred marchers on Sunday again tried to occupy the estate which is home to a large North African population. Rachida El Azzouzi and Ellen Salvi report on the events this weekend and why, as the mayor of Ajaccio admits, they came as no surprise.

Muslim prayer room vandalised after attack on firefighters in Corsica

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After youths on a housing estate in the French Mediterranean island ambushed firefighters and police, a protest gathering degenerated into violence.