How Islamic State's secret services hunt down informers

International — Investigation

The Islamic State employs the techniques of Western secret services to track down potential informers. This includes using CIA-inspired interrogation methods and agent provocateurs, and carrying out background checks on prisoners and new recruits from Europe. But as Matthieu Suc reports in this second article on the jihadist organisation's secret services, this does not mean they are always immune from double agents.

The Syrian family waiting for a French visa to safety


Many Syrian refugees living in Turkey have gone to the French Consulate in Istanbul in the hope of obtaining a visa that will allow them to travel to France in safety. But only a small number ever get granted this precious document. Mediapart's Carine Fouteau tells the story of one Kurdish family from Syria who were twice forced to flee the fighting and who are now desperately waiting for a visa from the French authorities that would restore hope to their shattered lives.

Fall of Aleppo reveals fault lines in French politics

International — Analysis

The end of the battle for Syria's second city and the plight of its civilians have drawn different responses from across France's political spectrum. On the Right the line taken by conservative presidential candidate François Fillon has been close to that of the far-right Front National, with his defence of the Assad regime and Vladimir Putin. The ruling Socialist Party and the Greens have emphasised their support for Syria's opposition, while the radical left presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon has adopted an anti-imperialist stance, with the United States as his main target. Lénaïg Bredoux, Lucie Delaporte and Christophe Gueugneau report.

France and UK seek EU condemnation of Russia over Syria bombings

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Diplomatic sources said Paris and London have also raised the prospect of sanctions on 12 Russians involved in the Syrian conflict, adding them to the EU's list of some 200 people that also includes three Iranians, with similar sanctions against Syrian individuals.

France urges war crimes investigation into Aleppo bombardment

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French foreign minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said bombing of rebel-held parts of Syrian town of Aleppo by Russia and Damascus regime are war crimes over which Paris is to ask the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation.

Russia vetoes French-drafted UN resolution on Aleppo truce

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France's  Security Council resolution demanded an end to air strikes and military flights over Syria’s city of Aleppo.

'My iPod is broken. I want to come back' writes French jihadist

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Another jihadist complains that 'they make me do all the washing' as grim reality of life in Syria sinks in for young French Islamist recruits.