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French ice skaters accuse former coaches of multiple rapes

Ten-time French ice skating champion and world championships bronze medal winner Sarah Abitbol has said in an interview this week she was repeatedly raped between the ages of 15 and 17 by her former coach who, along with two fellow instructors, is also accused by three other skaters of rape and sexual abuse when they were minors.

Curtain stays drawn on Paris suburbs' town hall graft scandal


The mayors of several towns in the southern suburbs of Paris at the centre of a suspected corruption scam involving allegations of the fixing of public procurement contracts, bribes and influence peddling have still not been questioned by police who opened an official investigation into the graft claims more than five years ago. The allegations, including threats of violence, mystery gifts of luxury vehicles, holidays between mayors and those they award contracts to, paint a disturbing picture of connivance and graft, and raise serious questions about why the official investigation has stalled. Karl Laske reports.