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Five Britons in France test positive for coronavirus

Five Britons staying in a ski resort chalet in the French Alps, including a boy aged nine, have been found to be carrying the coronavirus, which has killed more than 700 people since an outbreak of the virus in December the Chinese city of Wuhan, while six other Britons who were staying in the chalet are being monitored under quarantine in French hospitals.

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French Foreign Legion officers on trial over training deaths

Four officers of France's Foreign Legion are on trial for alleged manslaughter over the deaths of six recruits in an avalanche in January 2016 while on a training exercise in the French Alps.

The dramatic melting of France's largest glacier

The Mer de Glace  – the “sea of ice” – near the Alps’ highest summit, the Mont Blanc, has lost around 800 metres in length over the past 30 years in a stark example of the effects of global warming on the world's glaciers, the subject of a UN report due to be presented next week.

Bearded vultures successfully reintroduced to the Alps

Once hunted to extinction and feared as predators of small children and sheep, bearded vultures have been successfully reintroduced to the French Alps in a multi-million-euro project that began 30 years ago and which has now established around 250 of the birds, including 50 breeding pairs with a record 35 chicks, in their mountain habitat.

Migrants still brave death in desperate Alps trek to reach France

Migrants from Africa and the Middle East, desperate to reach a better life, continue to attempt to cross to France from Italy, where they are increasingly evicted from refugee centres by the country's coalition government of populists and far-right, using the deadly route of Alpine passes for which they are ill-equipped to traverse.

Guide in custody after four skiers die in avalanche in French Alps

Guide held in police custody and an investigation launched into possible manslaughter and unintentional harm after tragedy in Entraunes area.

French Alps cable cars tourists rescued

At least 33 tourists spent cold night suspended above Mont Blanc glaciers at altitude of 12,500ft after wires carrying cable cars became tangled.

Germanwings probe urges doctors inform on mentally unstable pilots

French probe into Alps crash caused by suicidal co-pilot advises doctors inform authorities when a patient's health is likely to affect public safety.

US secretary of state John Kerry has cycling accident in France

A spokesman said Kerry, who has called off the rest of his four-state tour, suffered a broken leg.

Germanwings crash: DNA of 78 victims found

As search of crash site in Alps continues, French authorities announced they are building an access road to the remote spot to aid their task.

Search teams probe wreckage of jet in French Alps

Investigators say black box they found is damaged but the data can still be recovered to provide vital clues to crash of A320 jet with 150 on board.

Germanwings airliner crash in France: cause still a complete mystery

Investigators seek to understand why jet with 150 on board went into a long descent for eight minutes before crashing into side of a ravine.

French air crash death toll put at 150

What caused the German airliner to crash near Digne in southern France remains unknown but initial suggestions point to mechanical failure.

Police rule out mystery biker in French Alps murders

Man released after being questioned by police over the shooting of British-Iraqi businessman Saad al Hilli, his wife and mother in 2012. 

French ski stations cut off by giant rockfall

Access to the ski stations of Ménuiruies and Val Thorens in the Alps was cut off for a period after the route was blocked by two boulders.