Why voters in one corner of France are quietly turning their back on politics

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The Bas-Rhin département or county in north-east France, which borders Germany, is dominated politically by the Right and far-right. Mediapart visited the region to test the mood on the ground and found that more and more local people, and especially those in rural areas, are choosing to abstain from voting. Quietly, and with no fanfare, swathes of people in this area are saying a discreet farewell to the world of politics. Mathilde Goanec reports from the towns of Drusenheim and Haguenau.

President Hollande visits gas chamber to honour Jews

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President urged vigilance against resurgent anti-Semitism as he visited Natzweiler-Struthof, the only Nazi concentration camp on French soil. 

Teenage boys arrested for Jewish cemetery attack

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The five arrests came after a 15-year-old turned himself into police for the attack on the cemetery in the eastern Alsace region of France.

France launches action plan to save endangered hamster

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The €3m plan to increase numbers of the Great Hamster of Alsace will involve ensuring that farmers plant the rodent's favourite crops.

Study finds French rural children contaminated by dangerous pesticides

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Thirteen pesticides or more were found in hair samples of every child tested, all of whom live or study within 200 metres of agricultural zones.

How sovereign can France's Alsace region be?

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Alsatians vote this Sunday on how they govern themselves; supporters hope for more efficient structures, opponents warn of 'the German model'. 

M&M's-crazed bees make blue and green honey

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Beekeepers from a dozen apiaries in the Alsace region say their bees' taste for M&M's from a nearby waste-processing plant is causing a problem.