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General Electric woos French government with improved Alstom bid

GE's bid for Alstom's energy arm, rivalling that of Siemens and Mitsubishi, now includes offer to leave some assets with the French firm.

French government again tells GE and Siemens to improve Alstom bids

As the deadline looms for sale of French engineering giant's energy arm, Paris threatens veto if counter bids are not improved.

France pushes for concessions as Alstom bidding hits final hours

The race to acquire Alstom's energy arm is entering a crucial week, with Siemens due to present an offer ahead of a cut-off date set by GE.

Mitsubishi and Siemens finalising counter bid for Alstom

The Japanese and German firms are bidding for the French group's energy branch against an existing $17 billion offer from General Electric.

The element of corruption that lurks behind the deal between Alstom and GE

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The long-running saga of negotiations over General Electric’s 16.9 billion-dollar bid for the energy arm of French engineering group Alstom continued this week when GE’s chief executive Jeff Immelt met for further negotiations with French President François Hollande. GE is engaged in a poker match with the French government which has made no secret of its preference for a mooted counter-bid from German firm Siemens, despite the Alstom board’s choice to do a deal with the US giant. But hidden behind all the talk of decisions of industrial strategy, synergy and job guarantees, a quite separate consideration appears to help explain both the rapidity and secrecy of the deal first agreed between between Alstom and GE on April 23rd, the day when a former senior Alstom executive was arrested in the US Virgin Islands on corruption charges. Fabrice Arfi and Martine Orange report.

General Electric makes 'improved' offer for Alstom

GE's chief executive tells French president his firm would create 1,000 jobs over three years if its bid for Alstom's energy division is approved.

GE pledges to keep Alstom nuclear unit in France

The US company, bidding for Alstom's energy arm, said it would satisfy French government's demand that nuclear unit remain in France.

Hollande orders ministers to obtain better offer for Alstom

The French president urges a better deal to protect jobs and Alstom's future industrial profile amid bids for the French firm's energy division.

France boosts say on Alstom with foreign takeover law

Surprise decree could be obstacle to General Electric's takeover of France's Alstom, as industry minister talks of need for 'economic patriotism'.

Alstom rebuffs French government proposal

French company's boss says it is not interested in taking over GE's freight train business as political debate continues over controversial deal.

France says it opposes G.E.’s bid for Alstom

France’s economy minister Arnaud Montebourg tells General Electric he 'cannot support' terms of current plan to buy French engineering giant.

Alstom board approves GE offer but Siemens still in the running

No binding decision on GE's bid for Alstom's energy division will be made before end of May, giving Siemens time to renew a counter offer.

The sinking of a French industrial flagship


The fate of Alstom, one of France’s largest private-sector employees, now hangs on frantic negotiations over two rival bids for the cash-strapped French engineering group’s energy division, which represents 70% of its activities. After weeks of secret negotiations between Alstom and US conglomerate General Electric, their German competitor Siemens stepped in with its own offer at the weekend. Siemens’ bid, offering a swap of energy and transport arms, has been welcomed by the French government, with its economy minister talking up the creation of "two European and global champions in the energy and transport domains" as it faces major political embarrassment over the amputation of a giant of French industry. Mediapart's business and financial affairs correspondent Martine Orange charts the background to Alstom’s decline, and details why the social and industrial consequences for France will be serious whichever deal is accepted.     

Hollande meets Monday with GE and Siemens chiefs over Alstom

The French president and his economy minister are holding talks with the US and German groups over rival bids for Alstom's energy arm.

French government stalls talks with GE on Alstom bid, favours Siemens

France's economy minister says Siemens bid for the troubled French engineering firm would create “two European champions”.