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France targets Airbnb in tax crackdown

Economy minister Bruno Le Maire said France and Germany would join forces to tackle what he called 'digital platforms' escaping taxes on their business activities in France, notably citing Airbnb as a target.

Fordlandia: utopian industrial dream in the Amazon

One of the old Fordlandia warehouses. © Thomas Cantaloube One of the old Fordlandia warehouses. © Thomas Cantaloube

Ninety years ago the American car magnate Henry Ford created a town in the Amazon jungle in order to secure a supply of rubber for his vehicles' tyres. Today it is just a ghost town, another example of the hubris so commonly associated with this region of the world. Mediapart's Thomas Cantaloube reports from Brazil on whether the lessons of that failed venture have truly been learned.

French oil firm's polluting presence in Peruvian Amazon


The French oil company Maurel & Prom has come under fire from French and local non-governmental organisations after it abruptly left a drilling platform in the Peruvian Amazon that was no longer deemed economically viable following the fall in world oil prices. In particular it has been accused of leaving behind environmental problems and of playing down the risks of pollution to local communities. Meanwhile the French Parliament has been considering a law that would force multinationals to operate a “vigilance plan” to avoid environmental and other problems in the future. Karl Laske reports.

Amazon counter-attacks French ban on free deliveries

In response to new law the online bookseller is now charging customers in France just one centime for books dispatched to their homes.

French senators pass ‘anti-Amazon’ law to protect small retailers

France's upper chamber has approved a bill that would ban online book retailers - such as Amazon - from offering free delivery.

France protests Amazon UK ban on foie gras

Online retailer has banned sale of foie gras on its British website following animal rights campaign accusing producers of 'very un-British' cruelty.

France approves 'anti-Amazon' bill

Law to save bookships will restrict companies such as Amazon from combining offers of five percent discounts with free deliveries.

French oppose digital revolution to protect culture and language

In latest attack culture minister accuses Amazon of destroying bookshops as France wages war against the cultural impact of the internet.

France claims Amazon owes $252m in tax

Claim against internet retailer is part of a wider French crackdown on multinational companies that channel profits through low-tax countries.