How the Socialist Party is now France's 'Democratic Party'

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The ruling Socialist Party is continuing its inexorable drift towards the centre ground of French politics. As Stéphane Alliès reports, prime minister Manuel Valls's key-note speech on Sunday to end its summer conference underlined the extent to which the party has turned its back on other parties of the Left and has instead become a “rallying call for progressives”.

Replica of 1780 French frigate sent to help American revolt retraces journey

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The 25m-euro Hermione, whose namesake took troops and cash to aid revolt against English rule, set sail for Boston from France on Saturday.

France's Marine Le Pen denies defending torture

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The leader of France’s far-right Front National said it was 'malicious' to interpret her comments in a TV interview that way.

Why French-made series are invading American TV

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High-end English-language programming with French backers has quietly become de rigueur in Hollywood.

Replica of French frigate that aided US Independence set for maiden voyage

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Hermione, a replica of the ship that took General Lafayette to America to rally rebels fighting British troops, takes to the waves on Sunday.

US becomes world's top wine market as France's consumption drops

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American consumers bought 29.1 million hectolitres of wine in 2013, while French consumption fell nearly 7 percent to 28.1 million hectolitres.

Does immigration mean ‘France is over’?

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American philosopher Justin E H Smith, who is teaching at a French university, explores the impact of immigration on France and its identity.