Macron relative beaten up outside family's chocolate shop

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Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, the great nephew of the wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, was was set upon by anti-government protesters on Monday outside the family's chocolate shop in Amiens in northern France, and who insulted 'the president, his wife and our family' before running away, according to the victim’s father.

French police reveal system used by luxury goods firm LVMH to spy on journalist

France — Investigation

Two recent reports by French police have revealed in minute detail the spying system set up by the former head of France's domestic intelligence agency, Bernard Squarcini, on behalf of the giant luxury goods firm LVMH, which is owned by billionaire Bernard Arnault. Its target was journalist François Ruffin - who is now a Member of Parliament in France - and his publication Fakir. Fabrice Arfi reports.

Turnout down for French 'yellow vest' protestors' 28th weekend protest

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On the 28th rolling Saturday of demonstrations by the so-called 'yellow vest' anti-government movement protesting falling living standards for low- and middle-income earners, and demanding greater say in policy-making decisions, the interior ministry said nationwide turnout had plunged to 11,500, the lowest so far, while the movement claimed 35,000.

Driver of runaway French armoured cash delivery van arrested

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The driver of an armoured cash-carrying van containing an estimated 3.2 million euros which disappeared as his colleagues delivered money to a Western Union office near Paris early on Monday has been arrested in Amiens, northern France.

At least 25 hurt as football stadium barrier collapses in France

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Incident happened at stadium in Amiens in northern France during Ligue 1 match between Amiens and Lille as away fans celebrated a goal.

Le Pen upstages Macron in battle over saving French jobs

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As Macron was in formal meeting with union leaders from Whirlpool plant in northern France, Le Pen popped up outside the factory itself.

French Neo-Nazi group goes on trial in Amiens

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Eighteen members of the White Wolves Klan face 35 charges including armed violence, theft and attempted murder.

French economy minister launches 'Right and Left' political movement

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Emmanuel Macron, 38, unknown two years ago and belonging to no political party, has raised speculation that he may run for the presidency in 2017.

France unveils capital cities of new super regions


In January 2016 the number of regions in France will be reduced from 22 to 13 as part of a major reform of local government. Last week the government announced the names of the capital cities of these larger regions. But as Feriel Alouti reports, the debate over the way this reform was carried out and the likely impact of the changes still continues.

The search for 'secularism' in France's inner cities

France — Report

In its response to the terror attacks in Paris in January the French government emphasised the importance of schools and the central role of secularism in fighting intolerance and extremism. Mediapart recently visited schools in the north of the French city of Amiens, an area which has recently seen riots and where the Moroccan-born education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem herself grew up and was educated. Here the issue of secularism divides teachers, parents and local help groups alike. “I have the impression that, faced with this debate, everyone is a bit lost,” says one teacher. Mediapart's education correspondent Lucie Delaporte reports from the city.

'Some teachers view the French suburbs as prisons from which there is no escape'

France — Analysis

France's pupils and teachers have gone back to school this week in the annual ritual known as the 'rentrée scolaire'. Amid the usual hopes and expectations for the new school year, many teachers feel a growing sense of frustration. For despite the promise by President François Hollande to make education a priority and create 60,000 new teaching posts, many current staff feel their working conditions and pay have been overlooked. In some deprived areas, meanwhile, hard-pressed teachers have been voting with their feet, asking to be transferred to less challenging regions. Here Mediapart examines the situation in three of those vulnerable education authorities, who have been forced to take on thousands of trainee teachers to fill their classrooms this year. Thomas Saint-Cricq and Lucie Delaporte report.

Goodyear reaches severance deal for northern France plant closure

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A bitter dispute over the closure of the Amiens plant ended when workers occupying the site accepted significantly increased severance pay. 

Labour tactic raises fear for France

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Observers say 'boss-napping' of two executives at Goodyear plant may damage France's reputation as destination for foreign investment.

Restive staff seize bosses at French Goodyear site

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Angry workers holding two managers in 'boss-napping' at factory in northern France are demanding more money in exchange for loss of their jobs.

Goodyear to close major plant in Amiens

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US tyre maker Goodyear is to close a loss-making plant in northern France, which employs 1,173 workers, following a long conflict with unions.