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French Alps plane crash: father of co-pilot refutes son's suicide

In the first public statement by a member of the family of Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who German prosecutors found solely responsible for crashing his plane in the French Alps killing all 150 people on board in March 2015 because of a depressive condition, caused anger among victms' families by claiming a carbon monoxide leak in the cabin was the cause. 

Pilot who crashed jet into French Alps was 'afraid to go blind'

In email to his doctor two weeks before the crash Andreas Lubitz said: 'I'm afraid to go blind and I can't get this possibility out of my head.'

Second black box confirms Germanwings crash was deliberate

Its data reveals that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz used the automatic pilot to put the airplane on a descent towards an altitude of 100 feet.

Second black box found from French Alps plane crash

This box records technical flight data that could provide vital insights into the final moments of Flight 4U9525 before it crashed last week.

Alps crash co-pilot told a girlfriend: 'One day everyone will know my name'

Ex-girlfriend says Andreas Lubitz may have feared that health problems made his 'big dream of a job at Lufthansa, as captain' nearly impossible.