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Why France is better than Britain

British journalist Anthony Peregrine responds to John Lewis store chain boss's recent injurious claims about a France where 'nothing works'. 

‘France is pro-business’ French PM tells London

Giving a speech in the heart of the City, prime minister Manuel Valls urged British businesses to invest in France.

What French people in London think of John Lewis boss’s criticism

Many agree that France has its problems, but no one asked thinks France is 'finished' - and certainly not that English food and wine is better.

John Lewis apologises for France is ‘finished’ comments

Managing director Andy Street says he 'went too far' and regretted saying 'nothing works and worse, nobody cares about it' in France.

‘France is finished’ says senior UK retail executive

John Lewis managing director told meeting: 'I have never been to a country more ill at ease - nothing works and nobody cares about it.'