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Macron and Merkel meet to chart Europe’s course

Lebanon, anti-government protests in Belarus, the COVID-19 crisis, Mali’s coup d’état, and tensions between Greece and Turkey will also be discussed, according to a French official.

France and Germany plan €500bn recovery fund

President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the unprecedented package after talks by video conference.

'Merkel speaks to adults...Macron talks as if we're children'

Angela Merkel - treating the German people as grown-ups. Angela Merkel - treating the German people as grown-ups.

In an interview with Mediapart, history lecturer Johann Chapoutot, an expert on contemporary Germany and the history of the Nazis, uses the example of Germany to highlight France's failings in its handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He says that while the German chancellor Angela Merkel appeals to people's reason, in France “they lie to us”. Interview by Ludovic Lamant.

France and Germany agree new rules on disputed arms exports

At a meeting on Wednesday between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the two leaders reportedly agreed that weapons built by either of their countries and which contained 20% or more of components from the other would require before any export the consent of the country where the component was manufactured.

EU Commission: France and Germany differ on Brussels' top job

Angela Merkel wants centre-right candidate Manfred Weber as next EU Commission president but Emmanuel Macron favours other candidates.

Macron, Merkel seal Franco-German 'friendship pact'

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met in the border town of Aachen on Tuesday to sign a pact that brings greater cooperation between their two countries, notably in economic and security issues, and including the aim of creating a 'German-French economic area with common rules' and a 'common military culture' that Merkel said could 'contribute to the creation of a European army'.

Macron’s EU influence in doubt as Merkel’s fades

Merkel’s decision to stand down now as CDU party leader has forced French president to reassess prospects for critical relationship with Berlin.

Macron and Merkel back euro zone budget

Franco-Gernman pair hailed a 'new chapter' for currency union, but left details to be worked out later with other members of the 19-country bloc. 

Macron hails German coalition vote as 'good news for Europe'

French president congratulated Chancellor Angela Merkel and acting SPD leader Olaf Scholz after Social Democrats voted for new coalition.

Macron backs 'vital' cooperation with Merkel over future of Europe

French president Tweeted his plea for cooperation after calling German Chancellor to congratulate her on winning a fourth term in office.

How Assad regime built chemical arsenal with aid of Germany and other countries


Russia, Armenia and the former West Germany were all major suppliers of technology and raw materials for Syria's programme of chemical weapon production, exiled Syrians who worked on the project have told Mediapart. They also say that, in violation of intentional law, the Damascus regime still has a secret arsenal of up to 35 tonnes of chemical weapons. René Backmann reports.

Macron to meet Merkel in Berlin on Monday

Emmanuel Macron is to travel to Germany to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, the day after his inauguration as France's new president, when the two leaders are expected to seek agreement on measures to strengthen the eurozone.

Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo launches German edition

First German edition of the French magazine that was nearly wiped out by murderous attack in January 2015 hits newsstands this week.

British PM to meet with French president on Thursday

Theresa May will make her first overseas visits this week, meeting François Hollande in Paris after visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

France and Germany 'in agreement' over UK's EU exit

French president François Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel seek to restor calm over Brexit ahead of meeting in Berlin.