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Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo launches German edition

First German edition of the French magazine that was nearly wiped out by murderous attack in January 2015 hits newsstands this week.

British PM to meet with French president on Thursday

Theresa May will make her first overseas visits this week, meeting François Hollande in Paris after visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

France and Germany 'in agreement' over UK's EU exit

French president François Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel seek to restor calm over Brexit ahead of meeting in Berlin.

Hollande to meet Merkel as France reacts to Brexit

Brexit crisis: Hollande has been on the phone to other EU leaders, in this case Greek premier Alexis Tsipras. © (Elysée) Brexit crisis: Hollande has been on the phone to other EU leaders, in this case Greek premier Alexis Tsipras. © (Elysée)

News of the British vote to leave the European Union has caused considerable shock in France, one of the founding fathers of the European project. President François Hollande has called for immediate action to revitalise the EU and after meetings with ministers on Friday will meet with Italian premier Matteo Renzi in Paris this weekend and with German chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Monday. On Tuesday the French Parliament will also debate the likely impact of Brexit on France and Europe in general. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.

Hollande and Merkel remember WWI dead 100 years after Battle of Verdun

Two leaders mark the 300-day 1916 offensive in north-east France that claimed more than 300,000 lives in one of the war's bloodiest battles.

Hollande says France and Germany see eye to eye over migrant crisis

As Hollande and Merkel meet in Paris, president insists that France shares the same desire as Germany to tackle the problem.

Migrant crisis: France's prime minister warns over refugee numbers

Manuel Valls said stricter controls were not imposed on the EU's external borders, then people would say 'enough of Europe'.

Hollande and Merkel call for swift EU reform of asylum system

The French and German leaders, addressing the European Parliament, said current rules are obsolete and that a united EU stand must be adopted.

Germany and France demand EU binding agreement on sharing migrants

President Hollande called for mechanism forcing countries to take an obligatory number of refugees, though avoided use of word 'quota'.

Hollande backs Merkel's call for common EU refugee policy

French president said current wave of migration from conflict areas in Middle East required coordinated response by 28-member bloc.

How the NSA spied on Merkel, her mobile, and the German chancellery

By , and with Julian Assange

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone features on a list of interception targets on a database of the US National Security Agency (NSA), Mediapart can reveal. In an investigation mounted with whistleblower website WikiLeaks, Mediapart details here how more than 50 phone numbers within the German chancellery, including voice and fax landlines into Merkel’s office and those of her senior staff, were for years the target of interceptions by the NSA. The revelations come just one month after German prosecutors dropped an investigation into earlier claims that the NSA tapped Merkel’s mobile due to what they said was a lack of evidence. Jérôme Hourdeaux and Mathieu Magnaudeix, in collaboration with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, report.

French, German leaders urge Greece to offer quick proposals

François Hollande, speaking alongside German chancellor Angela Merkel after talks about Greek crisis, said: 'The door is open for discussion'.

François Hollande seeks to play role of Greece’s saviour

The French president is determined to keep intact a single currency that was a French-inspired initiative to deepen European integration.

French reaction to Greek 'no' in bailout referendum

French president François Hollande is to meet German chancellor Angela Merkel in Paris on Monday in a crucial meeting a day after the Greek people voted massively to reject the terms of the latest bailout terms for Greece. Official reaction from the French government to the unexpectedly clear-cut nature of the 'no' vote in Greece, where more than 60% of those who voted backed the stance of prime minister Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza government, was muted. But many politicians on the Left in France – and some on the far-right too – greeted the news as a victory for democracy over EU and IMF-imposed austerity. Mediapart reports on the reaction in France to the Greek referendum vote.

Hollande and Merkel to meet to discuss Greek referendum outcome

Monday meeting at the Elysée, announced shortly after polls closed in Greece, comes after apparent Franco-German differences on the issue.