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France sets up clash with Germany and Brussels over budget

President Hollande urged EU to ease rules on budget discipline to protect flagging growth ahead of full summit later this month.

France warns Germany not to push Europe too far on austerity

Premier Manuel Valls said Berlin and Brussels had to be 'careful' about how they spoke to France and that Europe project was 'at risk'.

Franco-German economic motor stalled until Paris reforms say experts

German observers say Berlin is now expecting Paris to back up its rhetoric with genuine reforms to the French economy.

Hollande warns France of tough spending cuts

President's stark comments come as German officials privately warn French counterparts of need for structural reforms.

The new French EU commissioner’s austerity 'bodyguards'

Pierre Moscovici en marge d'un Eurogroupe à Bruxelles, en mars 2014, sous l'oeil de Mario Draghi (BCE). ©CE. Pierre Moscovici en marge d'un Eurogroupe à Bruxelles, en mars 2014, sous l'oeil de Mario Draghi (BCE). ©CE.

France’s Pierre Moscovici has been named as the new European Union commissioner for economic and monetary affairs in Brussels. At first glance it appears a clear-cut triumph for President François Hollande who has installed his former finance minister in a key economic post at the heart of the EU despite German opposition. It is also a sign that the new European Commission president Claude Juncker wants to display his independence from German chancellor Angela Merkel. But as Ludovic Lamant reports, Juncker has also shaken up the Commission's structure and placed two economic hawks alongside the French commissioner. Some observers believe their main role is to stop the French “social democrat” being too soft on member countries struggling to cut their deficits – and in particular France.

Merkel slams France and Italy for snubbing fiscal targets

The German chancellor said eurozone's faltering growth was due to its inability to punish 'those countries that break the rules'.

Merkel ally criticises French over Alstom deal

Head of German parliament's economics committee says Paris acted with 'ice-cold national industrial interest' in taking stake in French firm.

Ukraine crisis: France, Germany threaten Russia over poll

France's Francois Hollande and German chancellor Angela Merkel hint at tougher sanctions if presidential elections on May 25 do not take place.

Sarkozy meets in private with Merkel

The former French president upped comeback rumours by meeting the German Chancellor before addressing the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

France, Germany to send joint troops to Mali

Soldiers from the joint Franco-German military brigade are to operate in a support and training role for forces already in the West African state.

France's Hollande congratulates Merkel on election win

French president invites German chancellor to talks in Paris as both leaders pledge desire to continue 'their close cooperation' over Europe.

French opinion backs Angela Merkel ahead of election

Ahead of German election, poll shows that Germany's chancellor enjoys higher ratings among French public than President François Hollande.

Hollande gambling on election defeat for Merkel as French influence fades

Relations have plunged to a new low after François Hollande's party openly criticised Merkel's self-serving approach to euro crisis.

Germany accuses France of being 'Europe's biggest problem child'

A scathing German assessment of France's economic weakness has reopened divisions between Europe's two biggest powers.

EU Parliament President: French criticism of Merkel 'unfair'

Martin Schulz says German chancellor cannot be held responsible for all bloc's economic woes as 26 other leaders also help make decisions.