Domestic violence: when cruelty to animals can sound the alarm


Evidence suggests that men who are violent towards their wives and children are often also involved in cruel and violent behaviour to pets within the home. While the link has become a key lead in some countries for investigating domestic violence, it is still largely ignored in France despite representing an opportunity for the early identification and protection of victims. Audrey Guiller and Nolwenn Weiler report.

France finally upgrades animals from 'furniture' status

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Parliament passes new law ending 200-year Napoleonic definition that put pets and livestock in France on a par with armchairs.

Animals have feelings too, French MPs decree

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French Parliament amends law to acknowldge that animals, previously on a legal par with furniture, are 'living beings endowed with sensibilities'.

Hollande rules animals should remain 'objects'

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The French president has dismissed a call by a group of French thinkers, writers, historians and scientists that animals be given 'sentient' status.