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Paris to restrict electric scooters after spate of accidents

Mayor Anne Hidalgo said there had been serious injuries and many near-misses across city due to trend for the new fashionable travel device.

Paris mayor plans to transform city centre into pedestrian zone

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, who faces a tough re-election campaign in 2020, has plans, if re-elected, to transform the four central Paris districts into largely pedestrian zones as part of a continuing programme to clean up the French capital's chronic air pollution.

Paris mayor faces tough battle as rivals circle a divided City Hall

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Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo with deputy Bruno Julliard in March 2018. © Reuters Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo with deputy Bruno Julliard in March 2018. © Reuters

The deputy mayor of Paris, Bruno Julliard, this week resigned from his post in a blistering attack on the French capital’s socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo, for who Julliard had previously been a close political ally. It was the latest significant blow for Hidalgo who hopes to be re-elected to the prestigious and politically strategic post in 2020. In this detailed report, Pauline Graulle and Ellen Salvi went behind the scenes at the Paris City Hall to hear from insiders their divided opinions on Hidalgo’s management of the riverside Hôtel de Ville, which increasingly appears like a ship taking on water.     

French politicians praise woman who stood up to harasser

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo tweeted support for 22-year-old architecture student Marie Laguerre who stood up to man who harassed her in street.

Macron lays wreath to remember Charlie Hebdo victims

Commemoration started at former premises where two brothers shot and killed 11, including most of the publication’s cartoonists and writers.

The lone voices saying 'no' to Paris’s 2024 Olympic bid

Not all Parisians are in favour of bid to host 2024 Games, though dissenting voices were rare as capital became giant Olympic park at weekend.

Paris mayor hits back at Trump with Disney characters

In a response to US President Donald Trump's claims that a close friend no longer wanted to take his family to Paris, the capital's mayor Anne Hidalgo, launching a tourism campaign while celebrating the 25th anniversary of the French Disneyland site, tweeted a picture of herself with Mickey and Minnie Mouse celebrating the city's "dynamism and spirit of openness".

Paris air pollution causes 'thousands' of deaths a year

A smoggy Paris on March 18th, 2015. © Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters A smoggy Paris on March 18th, 2015. © Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

Last Sunday Paris banned cars from many of its roads and on Monday the city's councillors voted to pedestrianise a busy route along the River Seine. Both measures are aimed at tackling the problem of air pollution that is affecting Paris as well as other large French cities. It is estimated that such pollution kills up to 2,500 people a year in the French capital, some 60 times more people than perish in road accidents on the city's streets. Mediapart's environment correspondent Jade Lindgaard reports.

Paris to build two temporary camps housing 1,000 refugees

Mayor Anne Hidalgo says camps in capital will cost 6.5m euros to set up as France faces pressure over refugee camp in Calais.

Bold Paris anti-pollution plan clouded by social divisions

Pollution cloud over Paris, March 2015. © Reuters Pollution cloud over Paris, March 2015. © Reuters

Every year in France, atmospheric pollution causes the deaths of an estimated 48,000 people and annually costs the country’s economy more than 100 billion euros. The authorities in Paris, where pollution has reached record peaks in recent years, this month introduced a programme to restrict access to the capital by most-polluting vehicles and incentives for inhabitants to give up ownership of cars. But, as Laurent Geslin reports, the plan has been attacked as discriminating for lower-income groups of the population amid wide disagreement between government, city authorities and political parties on how to tackle a growing health crisis.

Paris city council approves historic merger of central arrondissements

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo's plan to regroup the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th city districts under one town hall will go to parliament for ultimate approval.

France remembers terror victims with muted ceremony

Around 2,000 people submitted to security checks to get into Place de la République event, which paid tribute to terror victims in 2015.

French president unveils memorial to victims of 2015 terrorism

François Hollande and Paris mayor Anne Hildago dedicated a plaque to the 147 people who died at the hands of terrorists in France in 2015.

French MPs ponder return of 'national unworthiness' crime


President François Hollande's socialist government has been at the centre of a political controversy since it announced that convicted dual-national terrorists would be stripped of French nationality. Many of its own supporters on the Left, including senior figures, are bitterly opposed to the idea. Now, as an alternative, some party MPs are suggesting a revival of the old offence of “national unworthiness”, which would entail the citizen concerned losing their civil rights and status, and which was last used at the end of World War II. Mathieu Magnaudeix explains.

Controversy grows over 'Tel Aviv beach' tribute in Paris

Palestine activists and politicians on the Left have attacked the 'indecency' of honouring Israeli city a year after bloody Gaza conflict.