Jewish teacher wounded in machete attack in Marseille

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The 35-year-old suffered hand and back wounds in what police said was a 'clearly anti-Semitic act' close to the city's Franco-Hebraic Institute.

Anti-Semite comedian Dieudonné loses European rights court appeal

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Human rights court upholds hate crime conviction in France after show with Holocaust denier and an actor dressed as concentration camp inmate.

Madonna attacks intolerance in France and rest of Europe

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Singer tells French radio that 'antisemitism is at an all-time high' and that continent - including France - ‘feels like Nazi Germany’.

Paris Jews urged to move to town in central France to escape anti-Semitism

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The head of the Jewish Consistoire in Limoges says his 'warm and lovely community' is better choice than Israel for Paris Jews fleeing anti-Semitism.

European rights tsar slams France over 'rising' discrimination


The Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks, on Tuesday released a report entitled ‘France: persistent discrimination endangers human rights’. The Latvian appears largely unimpressed with what he saw during a fact-finding mission to France last October, and denounces increasing anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim acts and racism in general, homophobia, a rise in "hate speech", the poor treatment of asylum seekers and the “social exclusion and marginalisation of persons with disabilities”. Carine Fouteau reports on the Commissioner’s conclusions.

Israeli report finds anti-Semitism in France doubled in 2014

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The year-on-year rise of anti-Semitism and violence against Jews in France was a new record according to the Israeli diaspora affairs ministry.

The surge of anti-Semitism in a Paris suburb once a model of co-existence

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Earlier this month, the south-east Paris suburb of Créteil became a symbol of the sharp recent rise in anti-Semitic crimes committed in France when a young Jewish couple were the target of a vicious attack by three armed men who had come to rob them because, the assailants explained after their arrest, they were Jewish and therefore rich. The arrested men, who repeatedly raped the young woman victim during the robbery, are also suspected of being behind the beating-up of an elderly Jewish man at his home just weeks earlier. Lucie Delaporte reports from Créteil, where over several weeks, before and after the attack on the young couple, she interviewed members of the Jewish community who spoke candidly of their fears of anti-Semitic violence and why they believe it has become rampant in a suburb once regarded as a model of co-existence between religious and ethnic groups. 

France promises to fight anti-Semitism after attack

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Interior minister told rally held to protest against attack on Jewish couple that combating anti-Semetic acts would be a 'national cause'.

French opinion study finds anti-Semitism rife among Front National supporters

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The poll found 53% of the party's sympathisers were against a Jewish president, and 22% would actively avoid living beside Jewish neighbours. 

'French society now indifferent to anti-Semitic acts', says chief rabbi

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Haim Korsiasaid France's Jewish population was struck by a new 'sense of indifference' in society shown during recent anti-Semitic incidents.

Palestine: Mr President, you are leading France astray

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From his alignment with the Israeli far-right to the banning of demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinian people, and the suggestion that this show of solidarity is in fact anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism, French President François Hollande has lost his way, writes Mediapart editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel. In this opinion article presented as an open letter to the head of state, he argues that Hollande has adopted a position of incoherence and hypocrisy that will bring him no political gain and which ignores the lessons of history.

French minister slams 'anti-Semitic' riots during pro-Palestinian rallies

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Interior minister says 'intolerable' attacks at the weekend on synagogue and kosher shop 'is quite simply anti-Semitic and racist'.

Father-daughter row splitting open France's far-right Front National party

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FN founder and honorary president Jean-Marie Le Pen slams his daughter's leadership of the party after she criticised his recent anti-Semitic jibes.

French comic's show faces ban over anti-Semitic jibes

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The French interior minister is seeking legal means to ban shows by controversial comic Dieudonné after repeated anti-Jewish comments on stage.

Galliano to sue Dior for wrongful dismissal

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British fashion designer claims he was sacked by Dior, following an anti-Semitic outburst in public in 2011, 'without real and serious cause'.