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Olive tree killer disease spreads to France

The bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, responsible for destroying an estimated one million olive trees in Italy and for which there is no known cure or prevention, has been discovered in two olive trees in France for the first time, raising fears of future widespread contamination.

Activists launch legal action against French marine park over orcas

Peprotest at Marineland in Antibes against conditions that killer whales and otther sea creatures are kept in following deaths in storm last year.

French Riviera flooding UPDATE: 17 dead and 4 missing

President François Hollande visited the region and expressed the 'solidarity of the nation' to those affected by the flooding tragedy.

Heavy flooding in French Riviera leaves more than a dozen people dead

Death toll could rise to 19 after violent storms sent water cascading through Antibes, Cannes and Nice.

Riviera murder mystery over bones plucked from sea

Police have found a skull and other bones belonging to at least four people in the sea close to the French resort of Antibes.