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Macron apologises for French army torture in Algerian war

In a highly symbolic ceremony, French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday met the 87-year-old widow of Maurice Audin, a communist mathematician who disappeared in 1957 after being arrested by the French military during the seven-year Algerian war of independence, when he apologised to Josette Audin on behalf of the French state and, in the first official admission of its kind, acknowledged the army's systematic use of torture during the conflict.

Catherine Deneuve apologises to victims of sexual assault

French actress Catherine Deneuve, who last week sparked a feminist backlash as one of 100 prominent women who signed an open letter denouncing a new 'puritanism' sparked by recent sexual harassment scandals, has apologised to victims of 'hideous acts' who might have felt hurt by her stand.

Switzerland apologises for army raid on French lake to help thirsty cows

Swiss army helicopters flew into France to scoop up water from a lake to help with relief operation to save Swiss cows from severe drought.

Hollande's partner Valerie Trierweiler in tweet apology

France's first lady admits she made "a mistake" sending tweets aimed against President Francois Hollande's former partner Ségolène Royal.