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French parliament approves IVF rights for single women and lesbians

The new legislation will provide access to various fertility procedures, notably in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and artificial insemination, for all women under 43, with costs covered by the French health service.

France approves coronavirus vaccine rollout, starting Sunday

An anti Covid-19 vaccine developed by US pharma firm Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech has been approved for use in France by the country's top health authority, the Haute Autorité de la santé (HAS), with vaccinations due to start on a voluntazry basis on Sunday, with a priority given for those most at risk.

Air France to launch lower-cost airline after reaching deal with pilots

Air France pilots have approved a plan by the airline to launch a sub-brand called 'Boost' this September, which will offer long- and short-haul services that are cheaper than the parent carrier in an effort to counter competition from Gulf airlines and budget services by Lufthansa and British Airways.

Britain gives green light for Hinkley Point C project

French utilities giant EDF, which will build the controversial new nuclear power station extension in south-west England, greeted the news as "the relaunch of nuclear in Europe”.

France and Vatican reach stalemate over approval of 'gay' envoy

For nine months the Vatican has failed to approve Laurent Stefanini, President Hollande's protocol chief, as next French ambassador to Holy See.

French parliament approves Greek bailout deal

France's lower and upper houses voted by strong majorities to approve the controversial 86 billion-euro debt bailout plan agreed on Monday.

French Protestant Church approves gay marriage ceremonies

The United Protestant Church of France, with about 250,000 members, said the reform was 'an option' for pastors, and 'not an obligation'.

French lower house approves French mass surveillance law

The National Assembly approved by 438 votes to 86 a bill giving the state wide-ranging spying powers, strongly decried by rights' groups.

EU budget clearance for France and Italy comes with an asterisk

The European commissioner for economic and monetary affairs accepted revised French and Italian budget plans but warned of close scrutiny.

French parliament approves government's 50bln-euro spending-cut plan

PM Manuel Valls's drastic plan to meet EU deficit requirements split his Socialist Party and was opposed by the Greens and conservatives.

French constitutional court approves 75% tax rate

The Constitutional Council has approved a top income tax rate of 75% after its terms were modified to make employers liable for the payment.

France's Constitutional Council approves same-sex marriage law

The Council rejected a UMP conservative opposition party appeal against the bill passed in April, and which will be enacted into law next week.