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Rise in deaths in France amid virus epidemic sharpest among ethnic minorities


A report released last week by France’s national statistics institute show that the year-on-year rise in country’s mortality rate during the height of the Covid-19 virus epidemic was proportionately more than twice as high among inhabitants born abroad, and notably those from sub-Saharan Africa and also Asia, than for the population born in France. While the data paints an incomplete picture, it convincingly illustrates, as seen in studies in other European countries and in the US, that among populations it has been ethnic minorities which have been the most at risk from the coronavirus.    

French inflation steadies at 2012 high, but lower than that of Germany

The April inflation figure in France, the eurozone's second-largest economy, peaked at 1.4%, the highest level since 2012, but notably less than in Germany, Spain and the eurozone average.

French jobless figures hit new record high

The number of unemployed in April rose by 0.7% to reach 3.53 million, despite France posting strong economic growth in first quarter.