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US artist's message in a bottle found in France - by an artist

Bottle thrown into New York harbour in October 2013 by painter George Boorujy was found a week ago by an artist on France's Atlantic coast.

France's new regions

France now has 13 regions instead of 22, though some say it is hard to see who will benefit from the changes.

Winners and losers in the new map of France


Since François Hollande personally redrew the map of France in June as part of his local government reforms, the shape of the country's regions have been amended several times. However, French MPs recently voted to approve the latest version of the regional boundary changes, which now seems likely to form the new face of France. Mediapart has examined this regional structure, which reduces the number of regions from the current 22 to 13, to see what impact it will have on demographics, economic growth and employment. It seems clear that one result of the reforms will be to increase the wealth of already well-off regions and leave isolated areas languishing even further behind. Yannick Sanchez reports.