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Anti-austerity leftist in new French cabinet

Arnaud Montebourg, known for attacks on big business and the European Commission, takes charge of an enlarged economy ministry.


French telecoms wars not over yet

Head of French public-sector investment body says he would be prepared to back Bouygues in tussle for control of mobile phone firm SFR.

Vivendi picks Numericable for exclusive talks on SFR

Move is blow to telecoms firm Bouygues who had also bid for its mobile phone rival, an option also backed by industry minister Arnaud Montebourg.

France plans to invest in state mining venture

France to invest up to €400 million to set up state-owned company that will look for resources around the world, from lithium to gold.

French govt ‘clean fracking’ idea is 'backdoor bid' for public support

Minister Arnaud Montebourg is said to back extracting shale gas using propane but Greens and many in ruling Socialist Party are opposed.

French nuclear power here to stay, says industry minister

Arnaud Montebourg insists nuclear power will remain a key element of French energy mix, despite plans to reduce dependency on it.

French firebrand industry minister appeals for British 'phlegm'

Arnaud Montebourg, outspoken minister in the embattled socialist government, urges inspiration from an unlikely source...Britain.

US tyremaker Titan 'in U-turn' over French Goodyear plant purchase

French industry minister says Titan boss Maurice Taylor has made an offer for French tyre plant which he once said he would be “stupid” to buy.

Peugeot will stay French, insists protectionist industry minister

Arnaud Montebourg, self-styled champion of 'Le Made in France', says increasing Chinese stake in carmaker will not lead to French loss of control.

The myth of France's 'glorious' post-war years


In a bid to regain its lost competitive advantage on the world stage, France has just set out an ambitious plan for revitalising its industrial base. Coincidentally a recently-published book takes a critical look at the real costs of the country's last drive to modernise, during the so-called 'Thirty Glorious Years' of the post-war period. Its authors argue that, contrary to received wisdom, human and environmental concerns were sacrificed on the altar of an all-out quest for productivity during that period, while dissenting voices were silenced. Joseph Confavreux reviews the book.

EU's Barroso in 'scapegoat' spat with France

Accused of fuelling far-right nationalism, Commission boss says French politicians should not use EU as a scapegoat for their own problems.

Why France blocked Yahoo deal to 'devour' video site Dailymotion

Industry minister scuppered deal after Yahoo had been in talks to acquire a 75 per cent stake in Dailymotion, owned by France Telecom’s Orange.

French PM 'tells ministers to avoid English'

Jean-Marc Ayrault is reported to have told ministers to favour using French after his industry minister launches 'Silver economy' drive - in English.

French minister orders custom checks on US company tyres in spat

News of tightening of checks on Titan tyres comes after row last month in which the US firms's CEO Maurice Taylor mocked France's work ethics.

France responds to American CEO's 'three hours of work' jibe

Minister Arnaud Montebourg blasts Maurice Taylor's "insulting" note as "extremist" and "demonstrating a "perfect ignorance of our country".