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Police stand down 'gunman' alert in Nîmes, southern France

Police detained a man reportedly carrying a firing pistol in the main railway station of the town of Nîmes in southern France on Saturday, where Spain's celebrated Vuelta a España cycling tournament kicked off earlier in the day just 48 hours after the terrorist attacks in Catalonia.

Wanted French jihadist jailed on return from Syria

Kevin Guiavarch, 24, was arrested for suspected terrorist activities following his extradition to France from Turkey where he reportedly surrendered himself claiming he was 'repentant' after joining the Islamic State group in Syria.

Swiss detain Algerian who skipped terrorist conviction parole in France

A former militant with the Algerian extremist Armed Islamic Group, which led brutal attacks in the country in the 1990s, Merouane Benhamed fled to France and was among 25 people convicted in 2006 for plotting an attack in support of Islamist fighters in Chechnya.

Teenager arrested over Paris 'terrorist attack' hoax

A 16-year-old boy was detained on suspicion of taking part in a false alert of a hostage-taking in a church in Le Marais district of Paris on Saturday, which led to a major anti-terrorist police operation.

Key information 'missing' over young man who died in police custody near Paris


The death in custody of 24-year-old Adama Traoré after he was arrested by gendarmes near Paris on July 19th provoked violent disturbances among locals and anger from the young man's family. Prosecution authorities insisted that Traoré's death was due to a heart attack and a pre-existing infection. Yet autopsy reports suggest signs of “asphyxiation”. And Mediapart understands that key information about the circumstances of the young man's death have not yet been passed to a judge investigating the case. Adama Traoré's family is now considering legal action over the issue. Faïza Zerouala reports.

Paris minicab driver investigated over stash of explosives

A minicab driver suspected of burglary at home of clients he left at airport was found to be in posession of dynamite and a phone displaying Islamic State flag.

Ukraine arrests Frenchman 'planning terorist attacks in France'

Ukranian authorities said the unnamed 25-year-old had a large arsenal of weapons and explosives to be used against Muslim and Jewish targets.

Paris attacks suspect Mohamed Abrini placed in detention in Belgium

The Belgian national of Moroccan origin arrested Friday is linked by DNA to Paris attacks while suspected of taking part in Brussels airport bombing.

Belgian media report key Paris attacks suspect 'arrested' in Brussels

Mohamed Abrini, 31, identified in company of Salah Abdeslam shortly before November attacks, is also suspected of role in Brussels airport bombing.

Police arrest gunman near scene of central Paris attacks in November

No-one was reported wounded when the gunman, who police said appeared to be drunk, fired shots near the Rue du Faubourg du Temple.

French police make arrest over 'advanced' terror plot

Minister says 'high level suspect' involved in planning an attack on French soil that was at 'an advanced stage' arrested at Argenteuil, Paris.

Salah Abdeslam refuses extraditon to France

The Paris terror attacks fugitive, arrested in Brussels, has refused to be extradited to France but is 'cooperating' with Belgian police, says his lawyer.

Paris terrorist attacks fugitive Salah Abdeslam captured in Brussels

French national Salah Abdeslam, 26, wanted for his part in the November attacks that left 130 dead, was wounded during his arrest in Molenbeek area of Brussels.

French police arrest man carrying handguns at Disneyland Paris

French police official said staff at hotel where he had a reservation found two handguns, a Koran and ammunition belongng to the man.

Paris airport worker 'pocketed 20,000 euros dropped by diplomat'

Charles de Gaulle airport worker held after CCTV images show him picking up notes lost by Morocco's ambassador to US as he left VIP lounge.