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Five arrested in Belgium over November terrorist attacks in Paris

Official said Salah Abdeslam, wanted for his part in the massacres, was not among the five arrested in and around Brussels on Sunday and Monday.

Belgium makes fresh arrests in Paris terror attacks investigations

Prosectors said two men were arrested, one a French national, in connection with the November attacks, bringing total of suspects held to eight.

Air France employees arrested over shirt-ripping incident

Five employees are held over violent protest last week against the airline's plan to axe jobs, which notably left two of its directors bare-chested.

Three detained in France on suspicion of plotting to behead naval officer

The trio, who include a 17-year-old boy and a former navy rating, allegedly planned to post video of the decapitation on the internet.

Two French nationals among suspected Islamist militants arrested in Mali

Malian police said among the 20 'presumed jihadists' arrested is a man wanted for an attack in March on a Bamako restaurant that left five dead.

Two suspected ETA members jailed in France

One of the men, arrested near the south-west town of Bayonne, is wanted in connection with the shooting in 2010 of a French policeman.

Uber executives ordered to stand trial by French court

Bosses of ride-hailing firm face court accused of 'misleading commercial practices' and complicity in 'illegal exercise of the taxi profession'.

Four arrested over links to Paris kosher store killer

Three men and a policewoman are held for questioning over their relationships with Amedy Coulibaly who shot four people dead in January.

Teenage boys arrested for Jewish cemetery attack

The five arrests came after a 15-year-old turned himself into police for the attack on the cemetery in the eastern Alsace region of France.

France detains six from suspected jihadi network

The suspects from Toulouse and Albi are believed to have handled questionable money transfers and recruited candidates to wage jihad.

French police arrest eight over alleged Syrian jihadist network

Officials say the seven men and a woman detained in the Paris and Lyon areas are not suspected of links to the Paris attacks of January 7th to 9th.

Anti-jihadist raids net five in France, three in Belgium

Two of the men arrested in the southern town of Lunel had returned from Syria, according to French police sources.

Chechens arrested in southern France for posession of explosives

The five Russian citizens are reportedly connected to organised crime and are not believed to have been planning a terrorist operation.

Twelve suspected of helping terror attacks arrested in Paris region

The arrests of people suspected of giving logistical support to the three terrorists who claimed 17 lives last week were in suburbs around Paris.

French police arrest ten in raids on suspected jihadist recruitment network

The arrests for 'conspiracy to prepare acts of terrorism' focussed on a network allegedly based in the south-west city of Toulouse.