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France and Italy make up with Leonardo and Raphael art swap

After the replacement earlier this month of Italy's populist and far-right government for one that is largely Left-leaning and pro-EU, the easing of a previously tense relationship between Rome and Paris was illustrated in a decision by the Italian culture minister to overturn an earlier refusal to lend France works by Leonardo da Vinci for an exhibition marking his death 500 years ago, while France will send paintings by Raphael for a similar exhibition next year in Italy.   

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Retired French electrician and wife guilty of 'receiving' stolen Picasso hoard

The pensioner claimed 271 works by Pablo Picasso, stored in his garage, were gifts from the artist's widow for odd jobs he did at her home.

Gang pulls off 9m-euro jewel heist at Burgundy motorway toll station

No-one was hurt when about 15 masked raiders siezed two armoured security vans at gunpoint and escaped with jewels and artworks.

France returns artworks stolen by Nazis as Clooney film is released

Three paintings are to be returned to their rightful owners the day before the release of a film about a WWII army unit dedicated to saving artworks.

Louvre 'courting disaster' by sending works to Fukushima

The Louvre is accused of "courting disaster" over plans for solidarity exhibition in Fukushima as experts claim they might return "radioactive".