The volunteers helping domestic violence victims in rural France

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According to a 2021 report by French senators, half of all murders of women in France are committed in rural regions, where just one third of the country’s female population reside. The plight of women victims of domestic violence is particularly acute in rural areas where isolation, local taboos and the relative scarcity of public services combine to aggravate their distress. Élodie Potente reports from the Drôme, a rural south-east département (county), where local associations and volunteers provide help for victims amid the absence of adequate state support.

France bans three Islamic organisations

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Government spokesman said the groups, which ran a mosque shut down after the Paris terrorist attacks, were 'clearly taking action to incite jihad.'

French charities sound alarm over boom in social exclusion


A group of 70 French charitable organizations, all involved in helping people in situations of social exclusion, from the homeless to the handicapped, launched a public appeal Thursday warning against the dramatic effects of economy-driven social policies and budget cuts which they say are only creating greater financial problems for the future. Carine Fouteau reports.