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Environmentalists battle against new yachting marina on France's Atlantic coast

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After sixteen years and much deliberation and delay, the French state has finally given the green light for a marina to be built at Brétignolles-sur-Mer on the west coast of France. The surprise decision has re-ignited long-standing opposition to the scheme amid fears it will harm biodiversity on that section of coastline. Now protestors have set up a camp near the site and staged a peaceful demonstration. Pierre-Yves Bulteau reports.

Cargo ship 'successfully towed from French coast'

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Maritime officials say a Spanish tugboat managed to point the stricken Modern Express away from Atlantic coast and begin towing it.

France makes final attempt to salvage stricken freighter

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Freighter Modern Express, adrift for six days, has 300 tons of fuel on board and is expected to hit French Atlantic coast within 24 hours.