Atlantic Ocean

French adventurer, 75, found dead on solo rowing crossing of Atlantic

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Jean-Jacques Savin, 75, a former French paratrooper who in 2019 successfully crossed the Atlantic in a capsule driven only by sea currents, has been found dead off the Azores just three weeks into his new attempt to cross the ocean in a rowing boat.

Ex-French paratrooper, 72, completes Atlantic crossing in a barrel

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Jean-Jacques Savi, who turned 72 during his single-handed crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a 3-metre-long specially built barrel, has arrived in the French Carribean Island of Martinique, after drifting on currents for 135 days at sea and across more than 4,500 kilometres from his departure point in the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa.

Frenchman, 71, sets out across Atlantic Ocean in a barrel

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Navigator Jean-Jacques Savin, who will turn 72 in January – and, he hopes, at sea – has set off west into the North Atlantic from the Canary Islands in a metal barrel which he expects will be carried by ocean currents alone to somewhere in the Caribbean by the end of March.

Google and Orange laying private cable between France and US

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US internet services giant Google and French telecoms company Orange are building a 6,600-kilometre-long 'cutting edge' cable under the Atlantic Ocean linking France and North America, and providing Google with a close connection between its Belgian and North Virginian data centres.

How Dakar uses the Atlantic Ocean as a septic tank


Despite the poor quality of its water, the Senegalese coast remains a popular destination. But the planned construction of a local desalination plant on the shores of the West African nation next year has roused opposition from locals who believe the project will do long-term damage to the environment. Fabien Offner reports from the capital Dakar.