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US drone 'kills' al-Qaeda chief who claimed responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attacks

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula announced death of Nasr bin Ali al-Ansi, who claimed his group organised attack on French magazine staff.

French citizen among those killed in Mali attack

Also gunned down in the attack on a restaurant in the capital Bamako was a Belgian security officer with the EU delegation in Mali.

French street artist seen as symbol of diversity 'beaten up'

Combo, who has a Lebanese Christian father and a Moroccan Muslim mother, was attacked as he was putting up some art on a Paris street.

The bitter background to the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Un des derniers dessins de Charb, publié le 7 janvir 2014 © Charb Un des derniers dessins de Charb, publié le 7 janvir 2014 © Charb

The attack by gunmen on the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday came almost nine years after the French satirical magazine found itself at the centre of a fierce controversy for first reproducing in France the so-called ‘Prophet Muhammad caricatures’ originally published in a Danish newspaper. Charlie Hebdo has since continued to publish cartoons that mock Islamic fundamentalism, prompting the anger of a section of Muslims in France and abroad, and which led to a devastating firebomb attack on its offices in 2011. The magazine has regularly defended its position as that of a satirical publication that is equally irreverent towards the hypocrisies of all religions. Dan Israel traces the bitter background to Wednesday’s horrific outrage.

Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 12

The victims, who include two police officers, were killed after hooded gunmen attacked the Paris office of the French satirical magazine.

Driver 'invoking Allah' ploughs into pedestrians in French city centre

Eleven people were injured, two seriously, after a man in his forties slammed his car into groups of pedestrians in Dijon, south-east France.

Knife attack on French police linked to 'Islamist motives'

Investigators say evidence points to 'Islamist motives' for an attack on a police station that left three officers wounded and the assailant shot dead.

Man shot dead after attacking police station in central France

The knife-wielding, Burundi-born French national reportedly shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he wounded three officers before being shot dead.

Gunmen attack Saudi prince's motorcade in Paris

A gang of eight heavily-armed men stole 250,000 euros and reportedly 'sensitive' documents from the convoy heading for Le Bourget airport.

Roma youth in coma after lynching by Paris sink estate vigilante mob

The 16 year-old, suspected of stealing, was severely beaten in a cellar before being abandoned in a supermarket trolley beside a main road.

The shocking pictures of the wounded asylum seekers on Manus Island


Exiled Ukrainian activist assaulted in France

Amnesty International reports that the campaigner for anti-government protesters demonstrating in Ukraine was bound and stabbed in Strasbourg.

Outrage as French teens film assault on disabled man

Three youths detained after the mentally-disabled 18-year-old victim, who was physically unhurt in the attack, was pushed into a stream.

Dieudonné released after bailiff assault allegation

The anti-Semitic French comic was arrested after a bailiff complained of being assaulted when demanding payment from him of several fines.

Theatre director rams French presidential office gates

The 67 year-old Italian national, head of a Paris theatre, was arrested after driving his car into the 19th-century gates of the Elysée Palace.