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Assad warns France against 'explosion' of Middle East

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad warns the Middle East could “explode” if the US and France pressed ahead with threatened air strikes.

French MPs shown 'evidence' of Syria chemical attack

French PM Jean-Marc Ayrault has presented intelligence to parliamentarians which he says shows al-Assad regime has used chemical weapons.

France, Turkey vow to press ahead on Syria

President Hollande remains determined to punish Syria over chemical weapons despite Obama U-turn, as opposition and public opinion unease grows.

Chinese students attacked in south-west France

The six oenology students were attacked at a hostel in a village near Bordeaux, leaving one of them seriously injured from glass cuts to her face.

Anger and loathing in France as 'neo-Nazi' skinheads beat left-wing activist to death

Politicians in France have reacted with horror and outrage after a 19-year-old student and anti-fascist activist was beaten up and fatally injured during a confrontation with skinheads wearing neo-Nazi slogans in the centre of Paris. Clément Méric, who was reportedly hit with a knuckle duster, was taken to hospital with terrible head injuries. His death was announced later. Seven people have since been arrested in connection with the deadly assault. Mediapart reports on an incident that has sent shock waves through the French political establishment.

French soldier attack suggests 'Islamist terrorism' says interior minister

Anti-terrorism police are hunting a bearded man, possibly of North African origin, who fled after attacking the soldier in a crowded train station.

French soldier wounded in knife attack near Paris

The 23-year-old French soldier was attacked to the throat by a man with a cutter kinfe while patrolling the Paris business quarter La Défense.

Michel Hazanavicius lambasts French film industry

The Oscar-winning director of 'The Artist' has criticised film funding in France, sheltered by state subsidy, high salaries and 'complacency'.

Four held after attack on French gay bar

The attack in Lille was the latest in a series of homophobic incidents amid nationwide tensions over the introduction of a same-sex marriage law.

Paris bus driver 'beaten up by police officers'


On the face of it, the incident looked like yet another regrettable but sadly all-too common attack on a bus company employee. But in the middle of the assault on the 35-year-old in central Paris, one of the two assailants pulled out his warrant card and told onlookers he was a police officer. The police complaints authority is now investigating. However, as Louise Fessard reports, despite the attack being captured on video surveillance cameras and the fact that the attackers are readily identifiable, no arrests have yet been made.

One man killed in French anti-terror raid

Police question 11 members of a suspected terrorist cell after a series of raids across the country, while another suspect was shot dead in Strasbourg.

Gang rob cargo plane unloading at Marseille airport

An armed gang attacked a cargo plane unloading at Marseille airport, driving a car through a perimeter fence, reports La Provence newspaper.

French police injured in burka ban arrest row

French police unions furious at no action taken after three officers were attacked while checking the identity of a woman flouting a burka ban.

French police hold fifth suspect over gang hammer attack on three Jewish men

A fifth man has been detained on suspicion of taking part in a hammer attack against three young Jewish men in the town of Villeurbanne.

Le Pen condemns 'far-right' attack on Montebourg and Pulvar

French journalist Audrey Pulvar and her partner, prominent Socialist Party figure Arnaud Montebourg, were harassed by a crowd of men in Paris.