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France under fire over presidential wine sale

President Francois Hollande is accused of selling off France's heritage with an auction of hundreds of bottles of fine wine from the Elysee Palace.

Dreyfus prison letter sells for €380,000

The letter written by Dreyfus, whose framing for treason in 1894 and subsequent pardon split French society, was sold despite family opposition.

Austerity reaches France’s presidential wine cellar

Élysée says it will auction off 1,200 bottles of its finest wines, renew its cellar with “more modest” vintages and return surplus to the state budget.

Over U.S. objections, Hopi tribal masks sold in France

French court rejected arguments by Hopi tribe that items should not be sold because they are “sacred figures” of their ancestors, not art.

Paris auction of Empress of the Night's Folies Bergère costumes

Extravagant headdresses, boas, and scanty costumes are among a collection of some 6,000 items from the Folies Bergère music hall to go on auction.

Paris auction of executioner's torture collection cancelled amid outrage

A French auction house has cancelled the planned sale of torture devices dating back three centuries following outrage among rights groups.