The evidence implicating Airbus CEO Tom Enders in Eurofighter 'slush fund'

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A joint investigation by Mediapart and German weekly Der Spiegel reveals here how Airbus Group chief executive Thomas Enders has become personally implicated in allegations that the aerospace giant created a slush fund to pay intermediaries secret commissions, and “sweeteners” to politicians, in order to obtain a contract for the sale of 18 Eurofighter Typhoon jets to Austria. Martine Orange, Yann Philippin and Lea Fauth report.

In EU, French and Austrians fear globalisation the most

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Study shows 55 percent of Austrians and 54 percent of French see it as a threat, the only surveyed countries where a majority voiced that view.

Death of Libyan minister linked to Sarkozy election funding 'highly suspicious'

France — Investigation

Officially Shukri Ghanem died after suffering a heart attack and falling into the River Danube where he drowned. But few people have ever believed this official version of the former Libyan oil minister's death in Vienna in April 2012. Hillary Clinton's leaked emails show that her entourage and American diplomats considered at the time that Ghanem's death was “highly suspicious”. Mediapart has also contacted an acquaintance of the former oil minister in Vienna who has raised several potential theories behind the Libyan's death, including one involving “bribes” to politicians in France, Italy – and Britain. Agathe Duparc reports from Geneva.

Two arrested in Austria over suspected links to Paris attacks

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The pair 'from the Middle East' were arrested in a centre for refugees in Salzburg 'on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organisation'.